Make $900 Per Month By Reselling Game Codes And Keys

Make $900 Per Month By Reselling Game Codes And Keys

Easiest way to make money by reselling game codes and CD keys online. By end of this tutorial you will be ready to start making money.

What you’ll be doing is Buying and Reselling game codes for profit.

Let’s Start

This is The Website You’ll Be Using Now

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For example Lets Look at the people here selling codes


Type the above title in the search Bar of the website and under the buy now option there will be offers button


the above is an example of 1 key code price. It is around $16 for 1 CD-Key of Mad Max STEAM

There are more sellers selling the same key with great pricing in

You can try with Xbox One Games, because its a hottest selling one in the market.

Reselling Game Codes – Now the selling part


Reselling game codes for profit at Ebay

Ebay Price is around $25 – $35 per key! That’s profit right there! Can’t use Ebay? There are many alternatives to Ebay

WOW its a profit of $9 – $19 for a single key. Assume if you sell 10 keys a month, profit is between $90 – $190

Lets take a math, if you sell 10 types of keys or codes with a profit margin of $9 each??

$9 (each code) X 10 sales X 10 types of codes or keys = $900 per month. Great profit.

Reselling Game Codes for Profit – Where to Sell Them?

Just google “Ebay Alternatives” and you can find a ton of them. Here are some Links to some ebay alternatives some have more than one. Instead of copying and pasting the links I’d rather just link you. ( You can use these websites for almost pretty much every single method in this ebook)

26 alternatives To Ebay

it says websites but you could promote codes as well Another Place you can sell the code on is the same website you bought it on! Now that I’ve gave you a list of Websites I shall go on with more examples. If you want more websites you can just google some to sell on. There’s a million different marketplaces out there. Ebay isn’t your only option!

Reselling game codes in marketplaces are the best option. These codes work worldwide. If you are really looking for a residual income and passion about games in online, this reselling game codes are the best option for you.

I could keep going on and on with examples but I’m sure you get the point. There are many other items you can resell from G2a as well for more profit. You can also buy xbox live 1 months or 48 hours as well from that site as well and sell for more $. Remember ebay isn’t the only website where you
can sell these codes.

All the best

 Ways to Reselling codes in online:

  1. from your youtube videos
  2. By participating on game forums (dont spam it, talk with real information). Add codes information in your signature
  3. Create google alert for game codes, it will deliver the alerts to you when someone talk about it. So you can go there and tell them there is a place to get codes very cheap (this is your website link). Dont spam anywhere.
  4. Promote in Social Media – facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram and pinterest

There is an article here to promote your website or your web page

Make $900 Per Month By Reselling Game Codes And Keys

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