Easily Make $150/Day from youtube and linkbucks Step by Step Guide

Easily Make $150/Day from youtube and linkbucks Step by Step Guide

The easiest method ever to make $150 a day or more.

If you have 10 youtube accounts with 10 videos in each
account your earnings will be $200 – $500 per Day or $6000
– $15000 per Month.

This method will teach you how to make $150 (Yes, i am making more than this) a day from youtube and linkbucks. There is no investment here. Your efforts are the investment.

This method works, yes 100% works. OK, lets go to the method step by step. I have included traffic sources, types of videos what most people likes.

1. Register at linkbcks.com If you appreciate my method then I ask you to use my referral link

2. Register on youtube.com If you have your google account you can already use a youtube.

3. Find 10 popular videos on home page and make a note of those video links.

4. Go to keephd.com and paste one link at a time, downloading the videos to your hard drive.

5. Go back to youtube and upload the videos you downloaded but in description add [HQ] [high quality] [1080] or [HD]… you get the gist! We want to make visitors start watching your videos. Soon after you are done uploading your videos start being watched. Don’t copy my method word for word, just improvise. For example add a different music if you know how or add sub titles at the end or splash screen if you know how. It’s optional though.

6. Head back to Linkbuks and create a link for the video that you uploaded in step 3 (do 1 at a time)

7. In a couple of days after you uploaded the videos you will start seeing 500-800 or even 1000 views. At this time you add the video description where you describe the video and state that there is a better quality video available. And post the linkbucks link that points back to the video that you uploaded.

8. Rinse and repeat.  

9. Optional step. Promote your videos on relative forums by placing the links in signature and blog comments. You can use automated software to do the promotion. Look at this forum download section.

If you do this method and post 10 videos you should get about 5-10.000 views per day out of those views at least 50% (usually more) will click the HD video linkbucks link. So you could easily make $8-12/day. Which is only a start. It doesn’t seems that much BUT it will be hands off once you complete the video uploading. The more videos you post the more clicks you would get! And 12$/day will yeld $360/month in addition to your other methods that you do.

Traffic Sources:

1.  reditt videos. Go and submit your video there and get views and traffic to your video

2. Go to http://www.youlikehits.com/    and     http://addmefast.com/  to get views for free. More views = More Interest by visitors

3. one of the most effective ways to rank up your video is by getting interactions to it, and I’m going to show you how to use the method to do that.  For the purpose of this illustration, let me go to YT and type anything like “cats and dogs”, and I will choose one of the most recently uploaded videos by selecting ‘last hour’ from the filter

MlLvq5nSupposing that this is my own video and that I want to boost it, I’m going to self interact with it using the 5 accounts/channels that I have created. Click on the top-right profile picture icon to see the channels list. Make sure you have selected the one you want to use; the one which is currently selected will be at the top, and as you can see I have selected the channel ‘Cute animals’. catanimals

Now you can just go ahead and Like the video
like-video1 The same way, you can also leave a comment. As you can see, my comment was posted 1 sec ago.
You can do anything else like subscribing, sharing, adding to Favorites and so on… Now we are going to give the video another Like for which we will need to switch to another channel. I know you might be thinking this will be a painful or time-consuming task because you will need to open a new tab/window, sign-out and sign-in again, re-launch your browser or even restart your computer. But don’t worry!

None of that will be required, and it will be as simple and quick as clicking the top-right profile icon again to display the channels list, and just clicking on the next channel you want to be using, and Bingo! The page will just reload with the newly chosen channel in use. I click on Like again and now I have 2 Likes. I will go ahead and give the
video 2 more Likes using 2 other channels. Just to confirm that everything is going smoothly, I will copy the video link and paste it on another browser where I have signed-in with another Google account. And as you can see
below, all my Likes and comments have been registered

What type of videos most of the people likes?

1. Comedy Videos

2. Accident Videos

3. Weight Loss Exercise Videos

4. Explained Videos

5. Gaming Videos

These are the video categories you can use. There are other categories too like music, top 10 kind, prank and so on… But the above video categories are evergreen.

I wish you all the best to start making money online.

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Easily Make $150/Day from youtube Step by Step Guide

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