Adidas Originals partners with CoinbaseAdidas Originals partners with Coinbase

Adidas Originals has announced its collaboration together with Coinbase as well as The Sandbox. What is he doing?

In the last week, Adidas has taken a major step in the direction of the crypto ecosystem by formally forming a collaboration with Coinbase, the US cryptocurrency exchange, and The Sandbox, and the Metaverse project is bringing the crypto community to its feet.

Adidas enhances its ties to the blockchain of crypto.

It’s been fascinating this week Adidas Originals as it has made two major announcements that connect it to the crypto industry.

The whole thing began on Nov. 22. On Nov. 22, The Sandbox published a Tweet that mentioned Adidas Originals and promised them that nothing is possible in the Metaverse. In response, Adidas replied with the following question: What do we need to create to build together in The Sandbox?

In addition, to prove the fact that Adidas, together with The Sandbox, have partnered, on The Sandbox map, you can see the lands belonging to Adidas, known as adiVerse.

The announcements didn’t stop with this announcement. On Nov. 24, Adidas announced its collaboration with Coinbase.

“We have a partnership with Coinbase. It’s probably no,” Adidas Originals wrote in a tweet posted on Wednesday. Of course, Coinbase responded to the Tweet with a message that read, “Welcome to the party and welcome to the party, Coinbase! “

What do you have in mind?

Adidas is stepping into the world of cryptography and the Metaverse; however, what is its strategy?

Unfortunately, information is in the dark. Adidas hasn’t revealed the reason it decided to sign these crucial partnership arrangements. The cryptocurrency group on Twitter has already speculated on the possibility of NFTs related to the Adidas brand. If this is the case, this is the case, and it’s an excellent idea.

However, if we are trying to figure out why Adidas has adopted this approach, We should look into what Nike, one of its major rivals and a major competitor, has done.

In the past, Nike collaborated with Roblox to create a virtual company under the moniker of ‘NIKELAND.’ Based on their patents and application, and it seems that Nike is expanding its presence on the market of NFT and Metaverse markets.

We would like to hear your thoughts! What do you want Adidas to be able to achieve to work with Coinbase and The Sandbox?

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