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The main course shows you how to take advantage of creative commons YouTube videos and messenger bots to promote you CPA offers on FB. This advanced training shows you how to take things to the next level by adding in the power of lead ads so you are capturing leads on FB, building custom audiences for retargeting, and gaining messenger subscribers at the same time. This is major for both short and long term profits as you can get your subscribers eyes consistently on your brand and offers.

Copy And Paste Messenger Bot Welcome Message

This is the exact template to use to put together my messenger bot campaigns:

“Hi this is (your name) from (name of your fan page)!

I’d like to thank you for your interest in (your offer or landing page content)

You can access the (what your ad copy promises) here:
(link to your landing page)

By the way, can you let me know if the link above worked for you? I just want to make sure you are able to access our content.”

Now, this message does a lot of things for you. First of all, it introduces you/your brand. This friendly greeting helps gain their trust and makes your brand feel more “human” and intimate. Secondly, you are opening up a potential conversation, which can drastically boost your traffic, trust, and ultimately profits. Thirdly, you give them another opportunity to visit your landing page and potentially convert on your offer. It is in their inbox so even if they forget it about it right away, they can still come back to it later. Fourthly, and perhaps most importantly, you are giving them an easy question for them to answer at the end. This is HUGE because a person only becomes a subscriber for your messenger bot if they ever respond back to you

Otherwise, you are not allowed to broadcast to them. So feel free to use this exact swipe in your welcome message and enjoy the results.

Messenger Bot + Lead Ads

To start off, you will need to go to your Business Manager on FB and then go to your Ads Manager. From there, you click on “create” and this should pop up

You can fill out the Campaign Name, Ad Set Name, and Ad Name as you want. However, make sure you choose “Lead generation” for Campaign Objective (if this is your first time running a lead ad, you will first have to accept the lead ad terms as you can see in the screenshot above.

Next you will want to edit your ad set to set up the budget, targeting, and placements. The important thing here is you want your placements to be in strictly the newsfeeds (both desktop and mobile). You can expand to other placements later on. However, in my experience, newsfeed placements consistently give the best results.

If you do not have Photoshop, there are free options to create ad images. There is a software called GIMP that you can download, or you can use Canva, which is completely web based and has everything necessary to create ad images.

Ad Copy Tips

Remember, the main objective with these ads is to get people to comment on your ad. That way you can hit them with your welcome message. So knowing that, ALWAYS ask a question in your ad copy. Also, you can actually tell them to comment! (Note: FB has recently stated that they are decreasing organic reach for “engagement-bait” posts.However, I have not noticed any decrease in paid reach so I am continuing to tell people to comment).

For example, for a fitness offer, you can ask them “Would you like to know how to immediately improve your health and fitness? Comment below to let us know!” Next you get to create your lead form.

You will first see a popup like this.

Choose “New Form” and click on “Next”

This is what recommend for each option:

Form Type – choose more volume. You want as many leads as possible with as little steps as possible.

Intro – Turn this one off.

Questions – I usually just use this section to edit the headline at the top of the form as seen above.

Privacy Policy – This is where you place a link to your website’s privacy policy

For the Thank You Screen, you want to let them know that they have subscribed to their list and lead them to your landing page.

That is pretty much all there is to it. You will now be able to collect leads and send them to your CPA offers. 


The one problem with lead ads is that you need to import your leads to your autoresponder manually. This can become tedious and drastically affects open rates as your leads do not receive an email right away.

FB does not synchronize to your autoresponder automatically so you will need to get a tool to do it for you. My recommendation is iProLeads. It is only $7 and works like a charm

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