Paid Traffic Networks that 100% Works

Traffic is important for business, you got to have paid traffic to go to your squeeze page to make your sales funnel works. Iim going to share with you the type of paid traffic networks I used, and vendors whom We have worked with. It’s just a reference for you, other than this, you can find more traffic reviews about below. Like the one I shared on the Main Guide.

Here’s are the traffics I’m going to share with you:

  1. Solo Ads from
  2. Solo Ads from solo ads website
  3. 100% Tier 1 Solo Ads
  4. Funnel Clicks
  5. Free WSO

Udimi solo ads Paid Traffic Sources

Udimi is a new solo ads platform created by the creator of Most of the vendors here I bought from Safe-swaps, but you still can find them in Udimi. Paid Traffic High Conversion List Providers

Name Conversion, % Tier 1 Traffic, % Overdelivered, %
Riz Nicolas 67.6 50.9 11.3
Mark Lee 39.2 89.6 11.7
Derek Kosh 57.8 58.3 9.5
Kris Waters 44.3 13.5 92.0
Ray Valentine 61.9 81.1 20.5
Chris Mollo 54.7 67.0 52.0
Maris Rozitis 43.3 39.4 4.0
Shane Drumm 48.4 72.1 4.0
Heather Alessandra 36.5 81.7 26.0
John Coburn 56.2 84.0 5.0

Note: I have worked with some of them more than once, so what you see here are the average figures.

Solo Ads from Solo Ad Website

These are the solo ads you can find in the & You may find the results I got is different from the website, because the sales funnel we use are different. Different squeeze page or free gift offer may give the different conversion. Therefore, you’ll only know when you bought the solo ad and tested with your sales funnel

100% Tier 1 Solo Ads

I tested the sales funnel introduced in the Main Guide with 100% Tier 1 Traffic Solo Ads, but the results not as good as expected. This traffic is more expensive compares to Solo Ads you find in the sites like, therefore it’s better to run on the sales funnel that have OTO or Upsells. Tier 1 traffic are usually more responsive to paid offers.


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