Youtube SEO Method – Rank Videos in first page of youtube

Youtube SEO – With this method you will be able to rank videos on the first page of YouTube for just about any given keyword to make money online.

Youtube SEO Step #1 :

Get your video. Either create one, download one, or re-upload a video you’ve already created. This glitch only works with new uploads you can’t use it on already
uploaded videos; you can however remove an older upload of yours and re-upload it.

Youtube SEO Step #2 :

Once you have your video upload it as an UNLISTED video.

Youtube seo rank first youtube

Youtube SEO Step #3 :

As an example let’s say my keyword is “Club Penguin Membership Generator” Here is a sample of the best way to optimize the description and title for your given keyword. This is not really part of the glitch but if your title and description are optimized like shit you can get a penalty and have your video not even rank or rank past page 1. Basically I am saying just because you are using a glitch does not mean you ignore basic SEO rules. Good SEO means that rather than ranking 1st page in the 5th-8th spot you can rank 1st to 3rd.

  • Don’t just make the title your keyword, add something ‘special’ otherwise
  • your title could be overlooked by the search as an ‘over-optimized’ keyword.
  • Don’t make the first word of your description your keyword.
  • Don’t make your tags your exact keyword, space it out into chunks and add some extra keywords. TIP: Look at the tags for video ranking in the top 3 for your keyword and use those

Youtube SEO Step #4 :

Now that you have your video uploaded and unlisted we begin the next phase of the glitch. We need to get the video to over 400 views. TIP: The way I achieve this is I upload 3-4 videos at a time and buy 10k views for 3-5$ from or Fiverr, I then split the views and get around 2,000-3,000 per video. I highly recommend this way but if you are just starting out you can get your views from sites like 400 is the minimum but I suggest always going over 500. I always did 1k+

Youtube SEO Step #5 :

This next part is not required for the glitch BUT technically I think it should be because as I said earlier even though you are doing a glitch the goal is not to put out the lowest quality video possible. While I wait for my views to be delivered I post positive comments on my video, not much just around 5-10 positive comments. I also use sites like to get the video to over 50+ likes. This helps with the overall ranking and can make the difference between ranking 7th and ranking top 3.

Although I say this is not required if you are trying to rank for competitive keywords not doing this can lead to your video ranking on the 3rd or 4th page, and sometimes not even ranking for keywords you want.

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Youtube SEO Step #6 :

GLITCH ACTIVATION TIME. Once you have your views, likes, and some comments it is time to take your video from UNLISTED to PUBLIC. Once you do this you will also see a little box pop up on the side saying would you like to share this on Google+. DO IT and it will require you to put a little description, for the description just put your keyword and maybe a little description. How the glitch works: Notice once you switched the video from unlisted to public the upload date changes to the moment you switched it from unlisted to pubic.

What I mean is let’s say you uploaded your video unlisted 3 days ago. The moment you switch it to public you will see the upload date change to “a few seconds ago”. Because you already have your views, comments, likes, etc.. it will make it seem as if within seconds your video went over 301+ views making it appear viral. The reason we were so picky with the SEO (title, description etc..) is because for competitive keywords this aids you in helps you rank higher.


– Once you switch your video to public it should take about 5-30 minutes before it appears on the first page.

– This method has shown hit or miss results for me. It works 8/10 times. Even in times where it does not work you still will rank first page just not for the EXACT keyword you wanted. For example I had a video for “lose weight” as my keyword it ended up ranking 1st spot 1st page for “how to lose weight fast” so it’s not all bad news ;).

– People who worked hard to get their videos page one WILL FLAG out of your videos. The higher quality (likes, comments, subscribes etc..) the less chance of it being taken down.

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