7 types of habits

Few types of habits are responsible for achieving our goals, those that make us continue, help us eliminate what does not add value, and consequently substantially improve our lives.

It could be said that these habits you practice in the morning are the most important of your day, since depending on how you start your day, it will depend on whether you are productive, you will be motivated and even focused on fulfilling the essential activities.

That is why, in this article, we are going to share with you 7 types of habits that you should do before 7 in the morning and which will allow you to start your day in the best way.

Habits that you must do before 7 in the morning:

You must know that it is useless to have a list of options or habits they recommend, but you make them a daily reality.

Discipline is the key to everything you want to take and what you want to succeed.

Once you have overcome a few days of repetition of actions, you will see how they become routines and then habits that you will not leave for the world.

Here are the best habits to practice in the morning, and much better, if you do them before 7 in the morning.

Be wide awake

wake up before 7 am
wake up before 7 am

Successful characters like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Barack Obama wake up very early.

And this is because, for many, the first hours of the morning are when the brain is much more relaxed, without contamination of worries that you may have had during the day.

When you wake up early, you have time to check the news, exercise, and even enjoy some quiet time to empower your mind.

And not only that, when you get up early, you avoid the feeling of rush, something characteristic of most people in the morning.

Also, if it is difficult for you to start in the morning, it is much better to do it earlier to take your time calmly.

Avoid your phone and its notifications

Avoid your phone and its notifications
Avoid your phone and its notifications

Although it sounds a bit extreme, there are valid enough reasons not to pick up your phone once you get up in the morning.

When you sleep with your phone next to your bed, the light it emits and the sound of notifications affect the quality of your sleep.

If you get up and check notifications, emails, and social networks, you start your day distracted, with stress, and without dedicating quality time to yourself.

In addition, it is important that to respond to work messages, and you are already mentally and physically ready to do so, not lying down from your bed. Your brain must interpret that you are in rest mode, not work.

Exercise and meditate

morning exercises habit
morning exercises habit

One of the best ways to start your day is by exercising; it doesn’t matter if it’s running, lifting weights, or even meditating.

Among the main effects are:

  • Reducing stress
  • Feeling happier
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Having a better immune system
  • Being more competent

It is also unquestionably that this predisposes you in a much more positive way to face any obstacle you have during your day. The body will be healthy and your mind, more!

Eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast

nutrition breakfast in the morning
nutrition breakfast in the morning

When you wake up late, and in a hurry, it is normal for you to have breakfast the first thing you find in your fridge, or worse still, not to have breakfast. 

You don’t know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it is in charge of recharging your brain and body with energy throughout the day. A healthy breakfast should include some of these foods:

  • Healthy carbohydrates
  • Low-fat proteins such as eggs, fruits, and seeds.
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Soy milk and almonds

While coffee is important to start your day, don’t let this be the only breakfast you have.
In addition, breakfast is an excellent opportunity to share with your family before starting your day. So develop this healthy habit in the morning.

Encourage your spirit

daily spirit
daily spirit

There will be some mornings when you won’t want to get out of bed.

Either because it was a rainy morning, you made a mistake, lost your job, got into an argument with someone important, among other reasons.

For these days, you must encourage your spirit through a book that inspires you, listen to the songs that motivate you, work on a personal project that you are passionate about or even write on your blog.

If these tactics don’t work, you can practice the habit of gratitude.

There are many things to be grateful for, things that become part of the routine, but for that, you should not stop thanking.

It’s all a matter of how you interpret the events that happen in your life.

Set goals and priorities

make your goal
Make your goal

Invest in Monday mornings to set your goals for the week, and each day of the week, evaluate how you are progressing on them, and the daily priorities to make this happen.

The good thing about the morning is that it is usually quiet, so you can think about it while exercising, meditating, or even taking a bath.

The most effective way to make your goals a reality is to establish which tasks are the most complex and start working on them immediately.

In this way, you will debug the most difficult initially when you are recharged with energy and motivation.

Start working

start working in the morning
start working in the morning

After investing time in you; reading, exercising, setting your priorities, and eating a nutritious breakfast, it’s time to get to work.

It’s time to pick up your phone, review your to-do list, and start working on what’s important and not urgent.

Every morning establish some metrics or indicators that measure your level of achievement.

When you establish and commit to a routine in the morning, including these habits, you can be sure that you will be healthier, more productive, and prepared to achieve success.

Take advantage of the first hours of the morning to determine your habits:

It can be difficult in the beginning to be consistent, get up early and invest time in yourself, but once you master it and modify those things that do not work so well for you, you will be one step closer to your ambitious goals.

You can be sure that after a while of doing your routine, it will no longer cost you work, and you will even feel the effect of not doing it every day.

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